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Find Screen (Cursor) Location


Find Screen (Cursor) Location

  • I am trying to position a frame dynamically but need to know the screen (row) position of the cursor. I have scoured the manuals but unable to find anything. Is there a way to find the current row location of the cursor?



  • Since you are talking about a Frame, I assume you are still on the old UI, right?

    Are you are in some event handler (like MOUSE-SELECT-CLICK )?. Check the LAST-EVENT:X and LAST-EVENT:Y property (the LAST-EVENT Handle is valid in an event handler).

  • I am coding for character (CHUI). I tried LAST-EVENT:X and just get a "?".

  • Maybe use the self:row and self:column attributes? And self:cursor-offset for fill-ins?

  • Getting close... I guess I should have begun with more details. The SELF:ROW does return an integer. However, I am using a (scrollable) browse widget in the frame. The SELF:ROW will return the position of the browse widget and not the actual screen position.

  • Maybe self:focused-row?

  • Yes, that will work. Thanks!