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Consuming REST Service from OE


Consuming REST Service from OE

  • Hello Everybody:

    Version: OE 11.2

    Starting with OE 11 , Progress has provided a feature to publish REST service. However there is no way to consume such Service from external app using OE Client.

    is there a work around to perform this. Anybody having experience with this.

    Thanks in advance.



  • If you can work with HTTP and not HTTPS you can do something

    :READ-XML("FILE, "http://www...etc/?parameters")

    on a TEMP-TABLE, DATASET or BUFFER. You could also do LOAD on a X-DOCUMENT handle.

    But if you need HTTPS instead you are out of luck and need to search for a third party option. We use the wget command to invoke the query, then simply load the saved XML from disk

    I tried do send in a request for this via our first line support but I never heard back from them. So anybody on a direct line with Progress might have better luck.

  • Jens:

    Thanks for the response. This should assist me.