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OE 12.1 OEM on a non-standard port


OE 12.1 OEM on a non-standard port

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I have a number of versions of PDS on my development machine, and I've got the adminiserver working for them.

However - 12.1 changed to using PAS for the OEM function, and I haven't been able to find out how to configure it for non-standard ports. When I run OEM it is not able to connect to the PASOE instance I presume it is supposed to use. 

Are there docs somewhere that I've missed? 

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  • Hi Tim,

    You can configure OEM to run on non-standard ports by modiftying the following properties in $OEM/conf/catalina.properties.




    By default it is 9090 for HTTP and 9443 for HTTPS. Modify these properties and restart fathom(fathom -restart).



  • There is a knowledgebase article on this - knowledgebase.progress.com/.../P155290

  • I've got OEM running - there's a tab "Remote AdminServer Configuration"  which seems to be looking for the adminserver on my machine. I've tried every port in the list of ports I have and it's not connecting.

    Is this intended for admin servers on other machines and not the current adminserver on this machine?