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64 bit ODBC drivers

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Hi can anyone tell me how i get the 64 bit ODBC drivers for Windows 10 ? The company that sold us the application that uses a progress database says we have to get them from the ESD site? I have registered (which is how i got here) but i do not have access to he the downloads. Does anyone know how to get access to the downloads site please and where i get the Serial Number and Control Codes ? for the download 

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  • You need to download SQL Client Access package. To access the ESD you need to contact your Progress account manager where you bought Progress licenses. If you are on current technical support, you will be given access.

  • To add on the top what Valera said: 64-bit ODBC drivers are avail since 10.2A+

  • Hi we brought it all through the company that sold us the software that uses Progress. They support the progress database, but they say we have to speak you Progress.... Thanks for your help though i will try and get them to look at it again.