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Pasific appserver 12

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New to pasoe,

I have setup a applicationserver called pasTest on port 3030, I want to use the /apsv transporter, and I want to use port 80 from client:

I want to add a ablApp called: myApp


I have followed some test examples for migrating a classic appserver using nameserver, but I have no clue how to do this in 12.

I can see AppServer and NameServer, I thought that was for classic? and Pasific application server was the new?

I have tried to read some documentations, but no luck understanding how to .

//Geir Otto

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  • You should be connecting via


    No need for AIA - not second port for http. The apsv protocol is basically AIA built into PASOE. It's the only protocol supported for ABL clients.

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