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Will OpenEdge 12 be getting classic documentation?


Will OpenEdge 12 be getting classic documentation?

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When I clicked on links to OpenEdge 12 documentation, all I get is categorized sets of links to parts of the documentation. https://docs.progress.com/ Everything is in a progress.com shell, so there is a ton of wasted whitespace when I view the docs online, plus there is the distraction of the Progress header/footer that is completely unnecessary for the developer reading the documentation.

The "Bookshelf" is where I was guessing I would find the actual link to the complete documentation set, but it's more of a mobile-friendly responsive design of article groupings. https://docs.progress.com/category/bookshelf  I could be wrong, but I think the vast majority of users reading OpenEdge documentation will be on a full desktop. In my opinion, mobile-friendly documentation is unnecessary until Developer Studio is available for iOS/Android...

Part of my reasoning for wanting the documentation as a book/manual is that reading isolated articles found using a search engine or by clicking through category links will leave the reader with a piece-meal understanding of the product. OpenEdge is an enterprise grade product used by professional developers. I think there are quite a few of us that will read entire sections of the documentation (if not the whole thing) so that we have all the information in the proper context. It does appear that there is a table of contents within each section, but how do I know what all the top level sections are? I need that single-hierarchy listing in an always-present menu so that I can browse any section of the docs I need to without navigating away from the current page.

I would much prefer the classic documentation set: https://documentation.progress.com/output/ua/OpenEdge_latest/index.html Will 12.0 documentation be released in this book-style format (single master table of contents)? Or is Progress abandoning this format? Will there be an option to download the full documentation as PDF/HTML as there has been in the past?

I have a pretty strong opinion about the docs, but I'm also curious how much of the Progress community agrees/disagrees with me on this - especially those that have worked with OpenEdge for 5 or more years.

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  • Thank you for reporting the broken link.  We will fix this -

  • Here's a perfect example of why the OE12 documentation is diabolically flawed.

    I wanted to check the version compatibility rules for OE12, I looked in the "OpenEdge Information Hub" and got thousands of hits for my search.

    I tried google searching "openedge compatibility rules" - Great! but this takes me to "the latest" web doco which only mentions v11.7. Not what I need! :-(


    So back I go the the "OpenEdge Information Hub" and tried to figure out where the old "Getting Started Guide" might be. I've tried all sorts of things in the search bar.

    I'm totally lost, and I still haven't got my answer!

  • goeldnerHQP: Is this what you're looking for? docs.progress.com/.../OpenEdge-121-Product-Availability-Guide.pdf

  • Anyone with feedback for Progress on the new OpenEdge Information Hub should submit it via this survey that Progress is currently running: www.surveymonkey.com/.../ProgressHub. If you haven't filled it out yet, make sure you do before they close the survey.

  • If what you are looking for is not in the PAG, send me the topic name from the 11.7 docs and I will locate the new information in the 12 docs.