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Will OpenEdge 12 be getting classic documentation?


Will OpenEdge 12 be getting classic documentation?

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When I clicked on links to OpenEdge 12 documentation, all I get is categorized sets of links to parts of the documentation. https://docs.progress.com/ Everything is in a progress.com shell, so there is a ton of wasted whitespace when I view the docs online, plus there is the distraction of the Progress header/footer that is completely unnecessary for the developer reading the documentation.

The "Bookshelf" is where I was guessing I would find the actual link to the complete documentation set, but it's more of a mobile-friendly responsive design of article groupings. https://docs.progress.com/category/bookshelf  I could be wrong, but I think the vast majority of users reading OpenEdge documentation will be on a full desktop. In my opinion, mobile-friendly documentation is unnecessary until Developer Studio is available for iOS/Android...

Part of my reasoning for wanting the documentation as a book/manual is that reading isolated articles found using a search engine or by clicking through category links will leave the reader with a piece-meal understanding of the product. OpenEdge is an enterprise grade product used by professional developers. I think there are quite a few of us that will read entire sections of the documentation (if not the whole thing) so that we have all the information in the proper context. It does appear that there is a table of contents within each section, but how do I know what all the top level sections are? I need that single-hierarchy listing in an always-present menu so that I can browse any section of the docs I need to without navigating away from the current page.

I would much prefer the classic documentation set: https://documentation.progress.com/output/ua/OpenEdge_latest/index.html Will 12.0 documentation be released in this book-style format (single master table of contents)? Or is Progress abandoning this format? Will there be an option to download the full documentation as PDF/HTML as there has been in the past?

I have a pretty strong opinion about the docs, but I'm also curious how much of the Progress community agrees/disagrees with me on this - especially those that have worked with OpenEdge for 5 or more years.

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  • I am also using Chrome and unable to enter my email on that feedback form.

    Tom Bascom

  • Firefox also fails to let me type in that field.

    Tom Bascom

  • Were you able to access this previously or has it never worked for you?  

  • Today's the first time I tried to use this. So as far as I can see, this never worked.

  • This has been reported to the vendor and they will be fixing it as soon as possible.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • I understand that the new Knowledge Hub is a first step in modernizing documentation and it could be improved. I do not understand why Progress Software is burning the bridges behind them, by not maintaining the documentation the way us, loyal customers, like it and used to have it in a form of .pdf or web form where not just a new features are listed but everything on a subject from A to Z ( from previous versions to current).

    I work with Oracle and look at their 12.1 documentation. One can download a book on any subject of interest.


    Progress released 12.1 too. Where is the documentation? And documentation for 12.0 is available in .pdf but without the main page start.pdf.

    Also the distributed version of documentation (a hub vs a book) is leading to several pages having conflicting information on the same subject. For example

    rsb-cache-size=n   The default is 1000


    And on a different page

    rsb-cache-size=n The default is 5000.


    Dmitri Levin


  • There was some change for the default of rsb-cache-size during the development. It should be 5000.

    I'll file a doc bug and get this fixed.

  • The OpenEdge Information Hub presents content for the latest release of OpenEdge, currently OpenEdge 12.1. You can access PDFs for previous releases (both OpenEdge 12.0 and OpenEdge 11.x) on the Bookshelf.  The Bookshelf offers the complete list of all available OpenEdge books. You can also access a PDF for an individual book by selecting the PDF icon within any topic in a book. 

    The integrity of the Hub is very important to us. We will continue to enhance our content, correct any technical inaccuracies, and republish.. We appreciate all feedback so please communicate directly with our team via the Add Feedback icon available within every topic.

    In the spirit of collaboration and continued improvement, we will be soliciting customer feedback through the CVP. We will prioritize your suggestions and make incremental improvements in 2020. I will post a link to a survey shortly and encourage your participation. Your comments are valuable and appreciated.

  • The default has been updated to 5000 from the following link:


    Thanks for reviewing the doc and bringing this to our attention!

  • I agree, from first impressions, the new doco is not as usable. Please consider that people with a long history of using Progress know their way around the existing documentation and rely on it.

    When you already know what you are looking for, having to search, just slows the process down. 

    Also, HTML on-line is WAY slower to respond compared to an already open PDF.

    On my desktop, I always have start.pdf open, so I can quickly go to the relevant PDF to find the answer I need. Losing this will be a big nuisance for people like me me! (30+ years developing Progress)

    Just bringing back the start.pdf (like v11) would be great help.

  • What I misses most is the 'Adobe reader' full document search in oeidx.pdx, that searches across all pdf files and group the result by document.

    If the Information hub had grouping and a much more compact preview of the search result with more results per page, then it would be great.

    The 'Updated 06 Sep 2019' is in most cases lint! + Add filter updated in last xxx weeks!

    Publication: ABL Reference Should be removed from result list and added to filter (filter populated with all documents where result exist after initial search)

    Product: OpenEdge 12 is lint, have already selected in filter (and it would be better if filter had 'OpenEdge' 'OpenEdge 12.0' OpenEdge 12.1', OpenEdge 12.2 ...) to get result for specific version!

    Format: Documentation is lint, have already selected in filter.

    So in short, posibility to configure result preview:

    * Only title

    * Title and 1st line of result

    * Title and n lines of result

    [ ] Include last updated

    [ ] Include publication

    [ ] Include product

    [ ] Include format

    Group by:

    * Publication

    * Product

    * Format

    And list should be extended to 100 results per page

  • By the way...

    OpenEdge hub on

    docs.progress.com/.../Define-a-class.html  has a link to a 404

  • Thank you for reporting the broken link.  We will fix this -