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JWT with array to client-principal


JWT with array to client-principal

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Is it possible to export a JWT claim to a CP-property if the contains an array?

In my case, the roles are stored in an array. I can't create a property containing the roles.

JWT extract:


 "scope": [


If i try to assign the claim "scope" to the roles-property in a CP, the PASOE throws an error.

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  • This looks like a bug.

    In general all of the token's claims are propagated as CP properties except those that are mapped to the user-id and scope.  

    Did you turn off the mapping of scope to Roles and see that the scope claim did not appear as a CP property?

  • Yes I did. It didn't throw an error anymore.But it still wasn't there in the properties.

    I also converted another property to an array to see what happened. It simply disappeared from the properties.

    As a workaround we could pass the roles in a comma separated string, but that's not ideal.

    Using 117.3 btw. Both on Windows & Ubuntu

  • Michael,

    Do you have any idea why this is happening?

    The problem is getting worse, since more & more array are being passed into the JWT token.

    For example the 'audience' property also cannot be read once it contains an array instead of just a single string

    My last remark was wrong. No problem with audience. I misinterpreted the error message.