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How to disable Write/create/delete


How to disable Write/create/delete

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Progress 91d07

The customer has a database that they want to Close for update, so only read should be possible. 

I add a user in the securitylist, that is named Reader, and I update the Security-data-list 





I startup the Client With -U Reader -P ReaderXXX,

but still I am able to create a record for the table I have updated the Security.

What am I doing wrong? Is there an easier way to Lock the database? 

//Geir Otto

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  • It seems like a restart of the db made it work….but I also added -RO … just to be sure...

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  • Use the -RO as a client startup parameter.

    Also see:

  • Did you set Admin -> Database Options -> Use Runtime Permissions Checking ?

  • No, that I didn't ….

    I saw the -RO, but after Reading I got the impression that I could not use it against a multiuser database?

  • You'd probably want to access the database in single-user mode, otherwise the users will get the warning that the BI is not truncated. In this way it is also possible to connect with multiple users.

  • The -RO option will not use a connection through shared memory but it can be used with the remote connections.

    Runtime Permissions Checking is what you need if you like to use the permissions defined for the tables.

  • I can't find the Use Runtime Permissions checking for the 91d07 database.... is this something that came in a later Version?

  • Use Runtime Permissions checking is available since V10.1A:

  • I thought so....

  • It seems like a restart of the db made it work….but I also added -RO … just to be sure...