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<program> --Could not find file <name> in database <db>. (1494)


<program> --Could not find file <name> in database <db>. (1494)

  • Aforementioned error states about a TABLE not being present on current schema.


    I received this error on a program I sent to production, just to realise that my develoment db has the new table to be used, but production db haven't being upgraded, and will be done at nigth (I know I can do it online, but will handle several upgrades at once and other stuff), anyway,  In spanish is very misleading that the entity is caled ARCHIVO (file) instead of TABLE (table).  Don't you feel that that should be updated?  the use of term file for table...or is it designed to be understood by very far end users, not techhically versed at all?

    What everybody thinks?

  • For this reason I never use translated promsgs; it is often confusing and since you don't want the end user to see this messages, they are perfect in English, which makes googling for them easier than when they would be in Spanish or - in my case - Dutch

  • I don't speak Spanish, but I would say a "table" is a piece of furniture, and a "file" is a set of records in a database. I guess "file" could be ambiguous between "operating system file" and "database file", but the context is usually clear and when it isn't you can make the distinction that I just made. I might refer to a simple, "2-column" file as a "lookup table", e.g. a file with only a key field and a description, but that's more how I speak to end-users and not IT folk.