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Help with Certificate installation on Progress 11.3


Help with Certificate installation on Progress 11.3

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Hi everyone!

I'm trying to install a private certificate with SSL, but i'm not sure where or how to install it so that Progress detect him.

What i've done:

-Install the .p12 cert in Internet Options > Content > Certs (on Windows XP, where ir run Progress client)

-Convert .p12 to .pem and install/take with mkhashfile on Proenv

After doing this, I have the same error message like if I didn't do anything of previous steps.

Please, any type of information will be util.

Really thanks, and sorry for my bad english.

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  • Brian and Paul,

    really thanks, but I think that is not necessary to open a case for this.

    If you want to keep helping me with this inconvenient from here good, if not, don't worry. Thanks anyway.

    Answering to Paul, the Web Service it's private. That's why I don't provide you with de url, because doesn't has sense.

  • Alejandro,
    I’m dropping off of this as there really isn’t anything more I can do for you.
    My last suggestion is to go back to whomever created this web service and get from them the ENTIRE chain of certificates (root CA, etc) and import all of them and see what happens.

  • Okay Brian, thanks for everything! I will post the answer, if I find the solution of course.