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PEG - Progress Email Group?


PEG - Progress Email Group?

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Is no more (as we are used to)? 

I haven't received any peg mails since the end of may. Does anybody know if it's down or what?



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  • I have been avoiding adding my $0.02CAD but I need to backup Mike: I DO NOT WANT the community splintered any more than it already is!  Remember when progresstalk came out?  

    There is already this site, plus one on FB and a few on LinkedIn. The FB site tends to be less technical and more social so it doesn't really compete with Community but people are asking technical questions on LinkedIn.

    If you have the time and willingness to do something concrete, find out who replaced Jean Richert and see if that person can work *with* Greg to get the archive somehow available HERE.

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  • Here's my ZAR 0.02 (which is worth waaaaay less than CAD :) )...

    I'm inclined to agree with Mike and Paul and various others here, that the best value for everyone is one strong community, rather than a number of different platforms scattered about.

    For this to thrive ever more - the Progress and Telerik folks should be actively involved (many are already), but should be very careful NOT to use this as a marketing platform.  Then I believe that this platform will become truly valuable.

    But - lets not overlook what the peg and others have done for the community before Progress provided this 'official' alternative...

  • I agree with Mike that there is little point in resurrecting PEG as another mail list at a new address.  For that matter, there is already the one on Google Groups and which that guy set up some years ago to echo the PEG traffic.  The point is in getting a searchable archive of the historical mail.  That seems more technically difficult.

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  • > The point is in getting a searchable archive of the historical mail.  That seems more technically difficult.

    If someone has it in a gmail label it's a matter of downloading that with thunderbird into an mbox format and go from there (done that in the past, it was easy). Or maybe google's data export could also be used (never done that.)

    Or even better if Greg could just give someone interested the archive, assuming he still has it and health allows. I've juggled around mail archives in the past, it's hardly rocket science.

    I have a label for the peg mail, but only for what arrived after about 2012, so better archives probably exist.

  • Regarding community fragmentation, no one that I know of,  put a projectile launching device near anyone's head and forced them to start posting answers in stacknightmare or linkedspamming or progress-something-other-than-peg places.

    For now "here" is a great temporatry bandaid, as long as it doesn't include too much dirty laundry... (and p l e a s e someone get rid of the "Contact Sales" link at the top right hand corner!)

    All this should  make for a good t beer consuming discussion next week.