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ProKB out of date

  • It seems ProKB content hasn't been updated since 01/26/2016.  Can someone look into this please?  Thanks.

  • Hi Rob, let me check what's going on and I'll keep you posted

  • I believe the root cause has been spotted. Hopefully our team will be able to quickly fix it. More to come later today or tomorrow.

  • Thanks Jean.

  • While they're looking into that, could they also look into making the database updateable via a REST call or something similar instead of having to d/l a fresh copy every time?

  • @Rob, I believe the issue has been resolved.

    @Tim, I have pushed your suggestion to the team in charge of ProKB. As this is completely outside of my control I unfortunately can't commit. Probably something for you to bring to Tech Support management during the next PUG Challenge in June.

  • Thanks Jean, it is up to date again.

  • The ProKB build is broken again.  The content date is October 7, 2016.

  • Looking into this.  Thanks for the heads up.


  • Hopefully this should be resolved by tomorrow.

  • Great, thanks Ed.

  • I just downloaded it and it seems to be updating again; pls let me know if you don't see the same.



  • Thanks Ed.  It looks good in terms of database content; the latest articles are from 11/08/2016.

    The installer seems to have changed.  It is prompting me to reboot; I've never seen that before.  I don't see why that should be necessary.

  • Hmm, that's odd.  I can't reproduce on my end; I do not get the reboot prompt after re-installing.  What is your system setup?

    Is anyone else who is seeing this thread encountering the reboot prompt?