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PCT (Build automation tool) repository


PCT (Build automation tool) repository

  • Gilles, the injection I was referring to was not from the individual contributor.  It was to the site as a whole which is behind on Drupal updates simply because the founders are tired.

    And my point is not about Google ranking.   Google is an adequate search tool when someone tells you that there is a thing called PCT which is the solution to their problem and they need to just find PCT.   That kind of search works no matter where the code is hosted as long as the project has a distinctive name.  But, when someone doesn't have that hint and they just want to go poking around for *something* to help with *some problem*, neither of which are particularly well defined ... or maybe they don't even have a specific problem and just want to browse to see what might be interesting, *that* is when you need the organized knowledge structure to guide them.

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  • and there is always sourceforge.net, nowadays offers both git and mercurial and there is much more than just the scm there... sourceforge.net/.../how-to-migrate-from-google-code-to-sourceforge

  • +1 to github

  • Thomas Mercer-Hursh

    The other is finding the project.  In the old days the PSDN source code library had a fair amount of stuff in it, but it was impossible to find unless someone provided a link.  You *might* find it if someone told you about it and gave the name.  If you were just poking around wondering if there was something to address a particular problem, then it was a long shot whether you would find anything before you gave up.

    This is what the Code Share area here on Communities is intended to be - a central place for links to various others' code. The only way that Communities can 'host' code (and I use that word lightly) is via uploaded archives.

    Jean posted a doc at https://community.progress.com/code_share_group/m/documents/773.aspx with how you can do this.

    -- peter

  • Point being that a code share which is merely an historically ordered list becomes a poor retrieval mechanism after growth.  One needs a knowledge structure to organize the entries.

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  • Defining/maintaining the knowledge structure could be challenging. Content of each Entries being indexed and Entries being tagged by members could be an interresting approach and commonly used these days.  

  • It is challenging.  At the Hive, we allow people to define their own tags and to place their project within the knowledge structure in multiple places, if appropriate.  If they feel like a new category is required, they contact us.  Periodically (in theory, since I haven't been very good about it recently), I will review what is there  and make corrections if people have sprinkled themselves too liberally around the structure.  So, really, a bit of work to come up with an initial structure in response to an initial set of projects, but then not much maintenance required, assuming that people can put themselves into existing categories.

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  • Here's the result : GitHub is the winner !

    After having moved PCT to Bitbucket, I just found out that the integrated wiki system is way too bad to be useful ; opening my internal Confluence website could have been possible, but I'm too lazy to understand how to correctly configure security on Jira/Confluence (security is spread on way too many pages, and I didn't find any simple and useful documentation on how to achieve what I wanted  to do).

    Then I tried GitHub, and found the wiki system is much better (although display is not so good on small screens), issues are correctly imported, source is correctly imported.

    So the new webpage is for now github.com/.../pct