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  • @agent_008: of course it isn't enough. nor is it the only activity we engage in to figure out what to do next.

    @andrew.may: the response to these suggestions has been abysmal. on the other hand, we don't plan the work for the next release every day. many times, the best we could do is to say "we will consider it".  it is very unlikely that the response will ever be "brilliant. we will do that tomorrow.".

    what kind of response would you want to see from the product managers?

  • I'd like to see a change to the Ideas section where the default idea status is not "Under Review", because that is inaccurate.  I suggest a default of "Submitted", which could be changed by Product Management to a status of "Under Review" when they actually review it.  

    That's a small change, and it wouldn't tell you the outcome of the review, but that's okay for me.  It would still provide some much-needed feedback.  I've submitted many ideas but without feedback, except from other customers, it's hard to justify continuing to do so.

  • Rob and Company do a lot of listening in many places.  To suggest otherwise is a bit rude.  That doesn't mean that, if you have some favorite bit that you personally would like to make the roadmap, it isn't smart for you to help its chances by describing the business use case and the deficiencies of the work arounds.  That can make it immediately obvious to them why something is important and important in the context of ABL and PSC's business partners, not some theoretical blog on some site somewhere.

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  • @Gus: My gripe would be that without any PM feedback, there seems to be no point in us giving these ideas or voting on other people's ideas. The ideas section has the potential to be a good resource for PSC to gauge what the community wants & to give some feedback to the community, but we're hearing nothing back.

    I would prefer an active PM that provided feedback on any request that was getting more than a few votes.  Obviously, there will be internal pressures to keep all plans private/confidential & to promise nothing - how you balance these pressures is up to you. 

    On popular but potentially hard-to-implement features (e.g. adding multi-threading to ABL or adding enums), I would like some feedback from the PM on how important these issues are to them - these might then want to be split out into other threads or ideas.

    For popular issues that seem like they would be fairly trivial to implement (e.g. "default to no splash screen in dev environment" or "give a compiler warning if a non-void method is missing a RETURN statement"), I would like some feedback on why the issue is nastier than it sounds or an indication of where it fits into PSC priorities

    (i.e. if a lot of people complain about a simple to fix niggle, the niggle should probably be fixed sooner rather than later).

  • I agree with your feedback on the ideas statuses and we would really like to be able to have our own "idea status" but unfortunately Ideas is something very new in the platform we're using to run our community and status can't be changed today. We have already reported enhancements requests for that as well as enabling notifications on ideas.

  • Does your vendor's site have an Ideas section?  Maybe you can ask for it there  ;)

    Thank you for the feedback :)

  • I think it would also help if there was more shared understanding about the whole product management process.  It isn't as if prioritization is really a continuous process where each new idea is stuck into a priority queue and development simply worked off the top of that queue.  It may have gotten a little more like that with the move to agile development, but there is still going to be a period once or twice a year depending on cycles where they sit down, get estimates on development cost, and balance priority, cost, coherency, synergy, etc. to decide on what happens in the next release ... and then, even that is highly tentative and subject to revision as the work on the release progresses.  Really, the PM team has been quite good about providing snapshots of this process in the Info Exchanges where we get to see what is currently under way, what is clearly/probably around the corner, and what is clearly on the list, but farther out than the next release.  Unfortunately, not everyone gets to go to those sessions and they are the sort of thing one is hesitant to publish without the full recording to provide context and nuance.  Jean, perhaps when you get the webinar software sorted out again, it would be worth considering having a session or two a year per category of on-line Info Exchange so that those not able to attend could listen and contribute.

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