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OpenEdge Architect - Model Driven Engineering Demonstration

OpenEdge Architect - Model Driven Engineering Demonstration

The attached documents explain how to install, configure, and run an example of Model Driven Engineering (MDE) using the OpenEdge Architect IDE in concert with a popular UML modeling tool called Enterprise Architect.

This document contains the installation and configuration steps for all of the software components that are required to run the demo and then the actual steps to perform the MDE demonstration which was delivered at Exchange 2007 and PTW.

Read the attached documents in the following order:

  1. OE Architect - MDEDemo1.doc
  2. OE Architect - MDEDemo2.doc
  3. OE Architect - OEADemoSetup2.doc - OpenEdge Architect: Fully Loaded

OE Architect - MDEDemo1.doc



  • In the documents it states...Please refer to Anthony Swindells’ white paper titled “OpenEdge Architect – Fully Loaded” in order to install and configure these prerequisite components. Can this document be added as an "Attachment" on this pasge, as this documents is no longer accessible via the link in the documents....

  • Thank you Pieter for you comment. I've updated the links in the doc as well as hyperlinked to Anthony's Fully Loaded doc page.RegardsKristen

  • To be a white paper or not....Document says: "This White Paper is for informational purposes only".Description says: "This document is NOT a white paper.".

  • OK. I'll fix.