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OpenEdge Add-In for Enterprise Architect

OpenEdge Add-In for Enterprise Architect

The OpenEdge Add-in for Enterprise Architect includes a utility which can import a .df file into a UML data model and export a UML data model into a .df file. The add-in also includes the OpenEdge MDG Technology for Enterprise Architect includes OpenEdge RDBMS data types, OpenEdge ABL data types, ABL code generation templates, ABL reverse engineering grammar, and OpenEdge-sepcific UML patterns, profiles, stereotypes, tagged values, and UML diagram settings.

Like all add-ins for Enterprise Architect, the OpenEdge Add-in is a COM component that interfaces with the EA Interop assembly. The OpenEdge Add-in is written in .NET C# and requires MS Visual Studio to modify and build.


  • I was actually able to import the DF file of the ICFDB into an EAP file using the add-in (including relations between tales).

  • How did you do that ? I managed to get the Add-In to show, but the only option I have after that is to "Install MDG Technology for OpenEdge", which does not seem to do anything.Am I overlooking something?     

  • Under settings MDG Technologies, I made OpenEdge 10.2A the active system.

  • On a more general note, the addin is now really only good for import/export of .df files.  All forward/reverse code engineering functions have been moved to utilize EA's inherit functionalaity - the code template framework (CTF) and the RE grammar engine.  And only functionality for OO code is now being actively being worked on.I also get the System.Exception David reported when importing source code. Is that something we can expect to get working soon? What's the suggested approach to import ABL classes into EA right now?

  • Never mind - I imported the OpenEdgeUMLProfile.xml and now I have more options.

  • Never mind - I imported the OpenEdgeUMLProfile.xml and now I have more options.Where did you get that one from? In the latest package there was only an OpenEdgeMDGT.xml.

  • Looks like it is an old one, the one you used is newer I think.

  • Well, the one I used does not seem to like USING with * like inThere was an error parsing C:\Work\SmartComponents4NET\Trunk\ABL\Consultingwerk\SmartComponents\Implementation\SmartDataObjectAdapter.cls on line 24.  Unexpected symbol: *  The line it complains about is:  USING Consultingwerk.Framework.* .

  • If you're trying to use the code engineering functions of the add-in (OpenEdge Addin menu options), as I mentioned earlier, these are no longer functional because EA's code template framework can be configured to support ABL.  When I get a chance, I will remove these menu options from the Add-In.If you're trying to use EA's standard code engineering functions with OpenEdge ABL, these should work (some rough spots notwithstanding).  If you're experiencing problems, then it's more than likely a configuration problem or a version problem. I can help you through that if you don't mind fitting in with my crazy schedule.  Send me your email addresses to pmagnay at progress dot com.Phil

  • Thanks for the suggestions, I'll dig into the EA manuals to find the info you're referring to.

  • Please forgive my ignorance...I've just setup a trial environment (EA 7.5 trial with OE 10.2A MDG add-in 1.2) following the ealier posts (regasm, etc.).  The OpenEdge source types (ABL and OO) didn't show up until I installed the OE Add-in. Is the code enginering in this environment provided as "code engineering functions of the add-in" or via "EA's standard code engineering functions with OpenEdge ABL"?If the latter ("EA's standard code engineering functions with OpenEdge ABL"), is the integration user-customizable for such things as generating code in lower case and/or with specific header comments?

  • How to import/export .df file?

  • I'm running on Vista 64-bit, and I had to run these commands from a x86 command-line prompt, not the 64-bit prompt.  Just mentioning this in case anybody else runs into it...

  • Phil, the Plugin doesn't seem to be able to update an already imported data modell using an update DF file.Is that functionality that's on your roadmap? Will the source code for this plugin be made available anytime so that we could add our own functionality?

  • Hi,I installed the .msi plugin and did the regasm stuff. I'm using EA 7.5.848 on WinXP. The plugin is activated in EA and shows in the menubar. I still get the NullPointer exception when trying to import source code. When I continue, the dialog shows but the plugin hangs when importing a file. No model files shows up.A plugin like this is exactly what I need. I would very much like to reverse engineer code or a database into an UML model in EA. Is the development of this plugin still goin on? Aren't there more people interested in such a thing? I would be surprised if there weren't. Isn't this going to be continued on a bigger scale? This could even be a commercial product imho.Furthermore (I am not a Progress user myself, just a designer), how do I get a schema definition from a Progress application or database? That could be another way to import existing code.Thanks, best regards.