Roundtable® is a Software Configuration Management (SCM) package designed specifically for the Progress® 4GL and RDBMS. Roundtable integrates with the Progress development environment seamlessly and provides programmers, quality assurance staff, and managers with a wide range of powerful tools to develop and manage deployment of software applications.

This white paper describes the steps involved in setting up and configuring Progress Dynamics® (OpenEdge Release 10.1) to work within a Roundtable environment, and how to configure Roundtable to support and integrate with Progress Dynamics. The contents of this document only apply to OpenEdge 10.1A. Customers using 10.0x should not use this document for configuring Roundtable and Dynamics. This white paper assumes knowledge of Roundtable and does not attempt to explain any of the Roundtable terms used or how to use Roundtable in general. For that level of information, please see the Roundtable product documentation.

It is also important to note that this paper is not intended to be complete documentation on how to use Rountable and Dynamics. It complements the information in the product documentation set. In addition, users, especially system administrators, should have working knowledge and experience with the use and configuration of Roundtable before attempting the procedures documented here.

If you are already familiar working with previous versions of Progress Dynamics and Roundtable, note that OpenEdge 10 introduces the following differences:

  • Progress Dynamics is no longer a separate install but is installed as part of
  • OpenEdge Studio. The instructions in this white paper reflect the new installation
  • process.
  • The Receipt Workspace has changed to 092dyn-dep.
  • The Roundtable Site Number has changed to 092.
  • The root directory for Progress Dynamics is now 'dynamics' instead of 'icf'.