OpenEdge provides an Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) called Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge (PDS for OpenEdge) for developing different types of ABL applications like desktop, ChUI, web and Mobile applications.

PDS for OpenEdge provides various project types for building and testing different ABL applications. For each project type, there will be many auto-generated artifacts and a predefined set of OpenEdge facets in it.

One of the pain points during Source Control Management (SCM) is to identify which user-specific or workspace-specific files should be kept under SCM, or ignored when multiple developers need to work on the same project.

The objective of this document is to provide an overview of the different types of projects available in PDS for OpenEdge, and the details and purpose of OpenEdge project artifacts. It also explains how to manage the auto-generated artifacts under SCM when multiple developers are working on the same project, and how to set up the projects in the same or a new workspace.