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.NET Unhandled Exception Handler event


.NET Unhandled Exception Handler event

  • I am trying to hook up the System.AppDomain:CurrentDomain:UnhandledException event in an ABL class to try and diagnose a strange problem with one machine. I have hooked up the event, but it never seems to fire.

    Currently an unhandled .net exception is occuring on this machine, but it is always simply crashing prowin32 with an Access Violation. This seems to be what is stopping the event firing, but the access violation will not show what the actual exception that occured.

    I have also tried debugging the prowin32 process with Visual Studio set to stop on all thrown .NET exceptions, but this exhibits the same behaviour, with prowin32 crashing without the debugger seeing the exception.

    Anyone have any ideas how I can trap this exception to see what it is ?


  • Have you tried setting the Visual Studio debugger to stop on a c0000005 Access Violation exception, which is under the Win32 Exceptions category in the Exceptions dialog box? Access Violations are often crashes in the unmanaged AVM code as opposed to the managed .NET bridge code.