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I am looking for a control that I an put on a progress form where users can enter formatted text that will be placed on a pdf document. The control must be able to generate HTML. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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  • You don't mention if you're looking for a .Net or ActiveX control.

    We use XStandard xhtml control. I love the functionality but it has 2 major drawbacks

    1. It's an ActiveX, no .Net component

    2. It's 32bit only

  • UltraFormattedTextEditor does support this, it's Value property contains the html code your looking for but you'll need to design a ribbon (or toolbar) en code the event handlers, this may be a lot of work

  • This seems like it will work if I could figure out how to get at the html.  I want to  be able to assign it to a char variable that I could manipulate after.  There seems to be a data property and value property that hold the html.  Any idea how I reference those in progress?

  • ComponentOne Winform Editor looks promising

    I created the screen below in a couple of minutes.


  • If you're refering to the ultra control:

    def var cString# as char init "<b>bold</b>".

    UltraFormattedTextEditor:Value = cString#.  and vice versa.

  • You may have to box and unbox like:

    UltraFormattedTextEditor:Value = box(cString#).

    cString# = unbox(UltraFormattedTextEditor:Value ).