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Problem with Ultragrid Save/LoadAsXML


Problem with Ultragrid Save/LoadAsXML

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I have an application that makes extensive use of Ultragrids and stores the user's grid settings to a DB. In order to do this, the grid's settings are written to disc as an XML file and then read back into a LONGCHAR before being written to a CLOB in the DB.

To get the stored settings back the reverse happens: the DB field's CLOB is converted to a LONGCHAR (COPY-LOB), written to disc as XML and then passed to the grid via LoadAsXML.

The appication itself creates tabs dynamically as needed and each tab has its own grid, also created dynamically.

The user can view a series of store grid settings, selected via a combo, and depending on the selection the stored setings are loaded into the grids.

The user can make changes to any of the grids in the tabs and then save them. To facilitate this I maintain various arrays who's extents match the number of tabs.

This all works fine until I come to load stored settings from the DB into the application. What seems to happen is after a number of save operations, the grids can start to 'lose' their stored settings and just display a default setting. Closing the application down and reloding the new changes indicates that the changes are being stored but the grids occasionally seem unable to load them!

I've included the source here as an attachment as well as screen shots:

Any ideas anyone?



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  • Just a quick update: I changed the code so as to use memory streams rather than writing the XML to disc and the problem still remains!


  • Mark,

    Please open a support case with Tech Support.  We need to look into this in detail and determine if it is a bug on our side or in the UltraGrid control itself.

    Thanks, Brian

  • Thanks Brian, I will do.