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tenant names

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please tell me why a "." is not allowed in a tenant name ?

what possible problem could this cause ? Oh, and why is there no error number ?

yes, I also get upset with websites that claim julian+spam@dotr.com is an invalid email .. ;)

it's been a bad day , and this was the final straw ! :)

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  • At the very least, please log a bug for the message-withough-a-number. What does the stack trace say?

    -- peter

  • Appears to be a bug.

    Tenant names, along with user names, have to be compatible with the pattern matching of can-do so all the character used for that are excluded. the at sign "@" is used as a separator between used name and domain name so is also excluded. The period is NOT excluded by those requirements. With just a cursory investigation, seems to me that a period /should/ be allowed in a tenant name. But i could be mistaken.


  • "the ampersand is used as a separator between used name and domain name"

    ummm, ampersand "&" , or do you mean at "@"  ? ;)

  • "Klammeraffe" is what he meant.

    (or @ in English)

  • yes, i did mean the at sign "@". obviously a brain defect caused me to say ampersand.