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OpenEdge 11.7.5 - PAS server connected user / session details


OpenEdge 11.7.5 - PAS server connected user / session details

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Hello All,

I would like to see details of users using or associated with PAS server agent like classic app server. Sometimes the PAS server works very slow so we need a details of which user or ABL session is busy so that we can check the abl session and kill that user or ask to logout the session.

Thanks in advance. 

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  • You can track/manage indivisual sessions in PASOE, using OEM/OEE or the oemanager REST API or JMX.
    If you look at the Monitor tab in  you can sese details on the latter.
  • How can we track/manage individual sessions in PASOE using OEM/OEE ?

    Nothing mentioned on that link about OEM/OEE.

  • This link might be helpful

  • To enable REST API access, either oemanager.war or tcmanager.war must be deployed.

    Where should i get these files ?

    And to run curl, which is a common open software, I have to install any software ?

  • oemanager.war is available at <DLC>servers\pasoe\extras

  • Go into your instance directory:

    bin/tcman deploy %dlc%/servers/pasoe/extras/oemanager.war

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  • thanks

    And curl command, I have to download any tool ?

    From where should i execute these commands, proenv or web browser ?

  • We can view requests,users and session details  in OEM/OEE in Requests page. Navigate to the instance page. Click on the ABL app and then requests. It will list all the incoming requests with the user id and the session details along with the request elapsed time.

  • curl is a command line tool to issue http requests. On Windows it requires a linux like shell.

    But for get requests, any web browser will do. For post, a Google Chrome plugin like postman available in the Google Chrome AppStore.

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  • Ok gr8

    But these both options OEM/OEE & curl will give the same details like  requests,users and session details etc ?

    I have access to OEM console aswell so no need to use curl right if both are having the same details.

  • Yes. If you have access to OEM, you do not need to use curl.

    Both OEM and curl will give you the same details.

  • OEM uses the same oemanager API to get the details. So you should see same results in both ways. Also, you need to deploy oemanager.war to the instance for OEM to fetch details. You can use OEM to deploy oemanager.war.

  • OK thanks

    But now I am facing an issue here. I have previously installed 32 bit progress and now 64 bit on windows. It was successfully installed but no longer running admin service for 64 bit. Even after manually starting as ADMIN it is not running and because of this I am not able to open OEM for 64 bit.

    What should I do to solve this?

  • When you say, it is not starting.What is the error you are seeing?

    Can you check admserv.log and fathom.log for the errors?

  • Admin service for 64 is now running, it was an admin access issue.

    But now I am not able to create a PAS instance, which is getting error "Exception Progress Application Server instance is creating myPAS:"

    I am using localhost: 9090 URL on my local machine which I was using earlier for 32 bit installation

    Which URl should I use for 64 bit ?