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ABLDoc not picking up header comment in 12.1


ABLDoc not picking up header comment in 12.1

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I am playing around with using ABLDoc in PDSOE 12.1, and seeing buggy behavior.  Some files, ABLDoc picks up just fine.  Others, it wants to ignore the header comment.

The documentation shows exactly how to setup the comment:


And mine looks just like that, yet for some files, the docs come up without the header information.  

I'm wondering if anyone has any insight into what ABLDoc is looking for when parsing.  Is it case sensitive? Line-ending sensitive?  Looking for a particular number of * or dashes in the comment?

As an example, this source:

The ABLDoc comes out looking like this:

Aside from this, it seems like a pretty cool tool.  Anyone know any tricks?

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  • Try converting the files to Windows CR LF instead of UNIX LF (you can convert this in notepad++ - double click on Unix LF in the bottem right corner)

  • Thanks Steven, I did try making sure it was CRLF.  That did not seem to make any difference.

  • It is actually a combination of CRLF and a bug, but I don't think the bug is applicable in the case above. The bug is that when there is a comment like that of copyright, right before the comments with class details, the fields of doc are generated blank.