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We are in the process of moving from classic appserver to PASOE. With classic appserver we in some cases log the PID of the executing agent i the database. With PASOE we are thinking of logging also the ThreadId of the executing thread of the Multi-session-agent as reported by "ps" command. Our system is running on Linux RedHat 7.7.

When testing we notice that the value of SESSION:CURRENT-REQUEST-INFO:ThreadId is not the same value as reported by "ps" but a number identifying the thread, a number in the span 1-<max-number-of-threads-configured-for-this-multi-session-agent>

Is there a reason why SESSION:CURRENT-REQUEST-INFO:ThreadId differs from the threadid reported by "ps" ?

Does someone know if is it possible to get the threadid as reported by "ps" some other way if we would like to log it ?


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  • you could call the c runtime library function gettid() from your 4gl code. but: what will you gain?

  • I follow your tracking of the classic AppServer's OS process-id as the ABL Session ID.  If you had the real OS thread-id within a multi-session agent, how would you use it?