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Clientbuilder request to secure API on appserver


Clientbuilder request to secure API on appserver

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OpenEdge 11.7.4 

We have code to access an API written with the ClientBuilder.

We needed to import the certificate of the API, we placed it in the certs directory with the openedge tools, and all is working when running from a procedure editor .

We want the code to be run on a classic appserver , but there we get the certifcation 's error again that we need the certificate.

( is in the propath of appserver)

Is this possible to run on appserver ? 

if yes , what is needed to get this working  ? 

thanks ! 

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  • How are you running the code on classic appserver? In other words, which client are you using to connect to classic appserver? I believe you have to have the certificate on the server side in $DLC/keys folder.

  • I run the code from procedure editor

    create server vhServer.

    vhServer:connect("connection string").

    run TestAPIOnAppserver.p on vhServer.

  • problem solved -> the certificate was a chain of 7 certificates which had all to be imported

  • still wondering why I got it working last week with only 1 certificate (perhaps the third party updated the certificate)