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PASMon Beta release

  • Hello,

    Last time I posted(Link), if people had extra ideas for adding to PASMon a tool for monitoring a PAS, all web applications/databases, API testing, ...
    Want to thank everybody for there responses at

    Quick install/demo video (requirement Progress deveoper studio installed or PAS).

    If you want to receive a beta version you can send a mail to

    The extra ideas:

    • Add agents to your ABL application (Done)
    • Configure your ABL application properties (Done)
    • Catalog viewer (Done)
    • CDC viewer (On Roadmap Q4 2018)
    • Multi-tenancy support (On Roadmap)
    • Azure AD authentication model Q4 2018)
    • API tester more functionalities less basic (On Roadmap)
    • Add custom calls / scripting (Consideration 2019)
    • Notification in tray (On Roadmap Q4 2018)
    • Checking API's health (Consideration 2019)
    • Print/Export/Mail/Share database information (Consideration 2019) 
    • ...

    Kind Regards
    Kevin Hermans

  • Hi,

    I have made a public available RC for PASMon.

    Check it out and have fun :) Setup.exe

    Kind regards

    Kevin Hermans

  • Nice work.  Looks like you've added a lot of features.   Is there a way to customize a menu or dashboard with the stuff I want to use most frequently?  I see that it tries to remember certain recently used screens for you, but it would be nice to have a customizable menu.

    Also, is there any keyboarding accelerator support?  I can't navigate the app very quickly, except with the mouse clicks or hitting TAB repeatedly.  Perhaps that is a default behavior for electron-based apps?  Also I expected to see a lot of web-like navigation in an electron app (forward/backward buttons, breadcrumb navigation options, etc).  I suppose those things are optional, and the U/I looks a bit more native without them.  It is always interesting to use these electron apps.  I think "visual studio code" was written this way too.  It is hard to know what to expect out of these types of user interfaces since they aren't quite native, but they aren't quite web-applications either.

    I noticed there is quite a bit of overlap between the functionality in here and in OEE.  Is this intended to be an simpler or more accessible version of OEE?  Or perhaps a more secure option than installing AdminServer/OEE on a PASOE hosting server?

    Thanks for sharing this.  Hopefully you are giving the OEE developers a reason to start raising the bar on that side of things too.  I just closed a case with Progress about misleading information in the PASOE console where you view the agent processes for an ABL application.  In some cases it will show a message saying "there are no agents" when, in fact, there are agent processes still running for the application.  See:

  • Thank you for the response.

    It's on the list for implementing customization of the menu. Also at a later stage adding security groups for users so you can make restrictions on certain menu items.
    Keyboard accelerator support nice idea I will add it to the roadmap!
    Indeed electron is used in programs like Visual studio, Atom also a common in the openedge world Kendo UI builder I think.

    OEE has indeed some simular functions but I just implemented the oemanager and the functionalities that where available.
    Also If you want to access the server. We have to use putty, MobaXterm,.. or something else it will be handy in one application like you have one wait-for.
    The goal is to make a very simpel and light weighted application that you can use for almost everything that the PASOE desires :)

    At this moment it's a very robust application it's just the first small step of many but I think it can become an added value.

    Thank for sharing the knowledgebase article of the misleading info.