Hi together,

I have a PAS for OpenEdge Project with REST transport. The service of this Project is added into Kendo UI Builder for OpenEdge version

Now to my problem. I wan't to debug with the debug perspective in Progress Developer Studio 4.5.2 but it don't work. 

The debugger has the state "<terminated>" and any time I relaunch it another terminated debugger exists in the Debug view. 

In the ubroker.properties file debuggerEnabled is activate (debuggerEnabled=1) for the instances [UBroker.AS] and [UBroker.WS]. 

Also the Server is started in Debug from the Servers view in Progress Developer Studio. 

The HTTP port of the PASOE is 8815, also the Debug port is 8815.

At the moment I'm pretty helpless, debug doesn't work. What I'm missing?