Hello all,

I've found that the RCODE:DB-REF is not always reliable.

Instead of giving the list of databases it sometimes returns ?.

Because the constructObject in the ADM2 containr.p super, relies on this

information to determine if the R-code can be run or not, I often get an

error Database not connected (1006) when testing my appserver application

locally (where in the same directory I have the sdo.r and sdo_cl.r files).

BTW wouldn't it be nice if the two SDO files were saved and compiled in

DIFFERENT directories... Think about the ease of distribution... But that's

another problem.

The issue doesn't happen in a production environment where only the _cl.r

files are distributed, but it still bothers me that the R-code DB ref

attribute is not reliable, also because I normally do a test on all r-code

files to distribute and this invalidates my checking.

I'm using V9.1C patch 05 under W2k.




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