Before I re-invent the wheel is there a test harness or

load simulator out there for ICF/Dynamics?

What I've been told to do is come up with a way of simulating

300 users in a Dynamics 1.1 application. Since it is the

server performance they are interested in, I figured I could

come up with something that made a series of calls to a

Dynamics AppServer that simulate the presence of a client on

the other end. (Because of the number of clients to be

simulated, usage of a commercial Windows-based load simulation

package isn't practical at this time.)

But before doing that I'm wondering if anyone's already done

it? The piece I really need is the client interface; the

load simulation piece is just a (fairly straightforward)

wrapper which executes the client interface.

Does anybody know anything about this?

Thanks in advance,

- David Eddy


David Eddy - National Systems Consultant, Progress Software Melbourne

dje@progress.com +61 (3) 9885 0544

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