I am struggling a little bit with the min sizes of dynamic objects such

as browsers and windows. I failed to build a dynamic browser with less

than 6 rows and a dynamic window with a very small width. The idea

behind this is to have a top window for an employee selection with a

tiny browse on it and a small window with a smartTreeView on it on the

left side (looking similar to what you get when starting the AppBuilder)

that are permanently on the screen to allow the user to select employees

in the top window and functions in the treeviewwindow on the left side.

In the case of the window I found out that the min size is hard coded in

the rendering pgm (rydyncontw), in the case of the browser it seams to

be the size of the template which limits the min rows. I couldn't find

an attribute in the repository maintenance which would do.

Does anybody have an idea how I can overcome this limitation without

chaning the pgms that are rendering the dynamic objects, or changing the

widget attributes of the objects after they have been initialized?

Thanks in advance, Richard.

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