Hi Wim,

Thanks very much for your reply. I will try what you sended to me. I may

come back to you for some more pieces of information.

What I wanted to say, is that Progress under ICF have developped a smart

object "dynamic lookups" which does what we need to do for foreign key


We know that SmartSelect object does not fit, because it involves an SDO

completly unnecessary in such data access.

Progress in "Dyn lookup" documentation (which you can find on possenet site)

says that they will "in the future" implement Dyn Lookups in ADM2 dev env.

I just say they should do it, as we will have a standard ready-to-use

well-bundled maintained way of implementing choice on foreign keys.

I think it is a pity this is not implemented in ADM2 replacing SmartSelect

(which is hardly usable because to heavy).

I think this is better than home made solution as when you take a look at

dynlookup functionnality, it offers more design options (combo, browse) etc

and will be maintained and optimized par PSC (as it is now under ICF


So, I hope they'll hear us at sometime.

Now, I'll have a look at your solution.

Thanks again.



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