I am busy doing a new implementation of Roundtable and also loading in an existing Dynamics


I have done a "Dataset Export" of all the .ado files from my existing icfdb.

I am using Roundtable Site Number 701 and the Module Load I am attempting is into Workspace

701s77-dev (Primary Development workspace sourced from 090dyn-dep). The icfdb I am using for this

workspace is a copy from the existing Dynamics environment.

During Roundtable Module Load, when a subtype does NOT include an .ado file, then it loads fine

without any errors.

However, when a subtype does include an .ado file (e.g. for a Static Viewer which has a .w and an

.ado file), then I get error messages as per the attached word document.

Even though I get these errors, the module load appears to work and the objects are loaded into my


Any ideas?


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