Progress® Dynamics (TM) Version 2.0A beta program has been lauched and

Progress Software Corporation (PSC) is looking for beta test sites. PSCÂ’s

primary goals for the Dynamics V2.0A Beta Program are to test the product

features and organizational readiness.

- Ensuring an appropriate quality level

- Full application functionality within a web browser

- Dataserver support for Oracle and MS SQL server

Progress Software Corporation (PSC) is looking for sites that are committed

to using the software to achieve the specific program goals and will provide

timely feedback to PSC. Participants will test the software in their

environment and will not distribute the software to their customers. To do

so would violate the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

The beta program will run from 27 August 2002 through 27 September 2002. The

beta software will expire on 29 November 2002. Technical Support will not be

required to support the beta software after the program ends.

The registration went live today, 22 July 2002. The beta web site can be

located at For more information, please contact

Frank Kjaersgaard

Product Manager

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