I have down-loaded posseall and icf (Tag POSSE30_BETA_CF) and set up an


When i start now, i encounter some problems:


Starting the ROM tool from the AB menu I get the message:

"OK to quit the AppBuilder?"

When i click ESC and try to start ROM a second time nothing at all


I'm surprised not to find any entries about that, neither in the icf nor

in the appbuilder project.


Trying to launch a container with a dynamic SDO and Browse I get

following error messages:

-Invalid widget-handle. Not initialized or points to a deleted widget.


-Cannot access the QUERY-PREPARE attribute because the widget does not

exist. (3140)

-Entry 3 is outside the range of list . (560)

-Cannot access the QUERY-CLOSE attribute because the widget does not

exist. (3140)

In the opening window then the browse is empty.

Did anybody encounter these problems? Any help appreciated...


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