Hi James,

(1) Have you tried using the include?

(2) is behaviour that cannot be overridden - it is hardcoded in either browser.p or rydynbrowb.w (I forget exactly which). If you don't want this to be the default behaviour, you will need to customise the relevant code, or you can log an enhancement request through IssueZilla or Tech Support, depending on the version of Dynamics you are using.



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Fra: James Burts

Sendt: ti 8/6/2002 15:31

Til: dev@icf.possenet.org


Emne: Dynamic browse trouble

I am running into some trouble with a dynamic browse I'm working on. I've

been beating my head against this one, and it's time to ask for some


1) In a procedure in the browse's custom-super-procedure, I'm trying to get

some data from the SDO that the browse is connected to, so I put in a call



When I run this line, I'm getting an error message that the function

getDataSource wasn't found. Looking at the list of calls available in a

static browse (from the 'insert call' button of the section editor), it

appears that getDataSource should be perfectly valid.

2) I'm also having some trouble trying to trap when the user double-clicks

on a record in the browse. Currently, when I double-click, it tries to

launch a container. How can I get the browse to run an internal procedure

when the user double-clicks, rather than trying to launch a container??



James Burts james@klas.com

Keystone Systems, Inc. 919-782-1143

Manager of Software Development Raleigh, NC

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