Hi all,

I'm trying to deploy a small Dynamics application and having some

frustrations. The application is an 3 tier app with the databases and

appserver on a linux (Redhat) machine running 9.1C11. When starting the

client (win32 and Progress 9.1C20) I get the following errors in the

appserver log:

19:02:14 29 Aug 2002 Application Server 13055

Application Server connected with connection id:

30bfd1d26cdb19:3583b92a:eff83fdd03:-7ffc. (8358)

19:02:15 29 Aug 2002 Application Server 13067 Procedure:


' Line:445

Invalid or inappropriate server handle specified for RUN adm2/cobuildp.p ...

ON SERVER statement. (5453)

Does anybody have any idea whats going on? And why is the appserver trying

to run anything ON SERVER?

Thanks in advance

William Appleton

Bravepoint, Inc.


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