we were triing to change additional fields in a datalogic procedure of an

sdo. these changes rely on changes done in the database transaction so the

preTrans... validation procedures won't help here.

From my understanding we need to add the additional field manually to the

b_.ChangedFields as the automatic comparison of the

RowModUpd and the before image record is done before the transaction.

Later in bufferCommit the ChangedFields value gets copied from the before

image record to the actual changed RowModUpd record - so the information

about the additional field gets lost and the additional field won't be

written to the database.

How can I solve this problem? We don't have this problem with modifications

done in the preTrans... validate procedures as ChangedFields is gathered by

a buffer-compary after it.

We are using Dynamics 1.1 ADM here.



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