Hi All,

I encountered this issue few weeks back when the query does not open when

find and filter are invoked. After further investigation by Tech Support, it

has been determined that it is a bug.

The query does not re-open when the following conditions exist.

Two logical fields in tables and the where clause being 'where fld1 or


To rectify this problem, I have set the rows to batch to high number which

has solved the issue for one table that contains 3,500 records but I have

another table that the same situation exists and the number of records are

around 15,000. Setting the value to high number results the query to open in

around 8 minutes which is not desirable and acceptable by the users.

Is this issue fixed in V2 or is there any other work around that someone can


9.1D SP1

Dynamics 1.1a SP3.01


Ali Rahbar

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