below is the javascript that I'm trying to use....

I need help figuring this one out - I know nothing about javascript if that isn't obvious -lol..

Please take into consideration this is for a form in acrobat - If you have acrobat and I

can send the form to you and you can write the code for me to save time

but I've tried several discussion boards and no responses....

Basically have a few fields in the form that are labled as follows:

I'm putting field names in bold.

total qty

printing cost

I want the printing cost field to get the value of the total qty (which is already calculated)

If the total qty >= 150 then the printing costs is $3.50 else the printing cost is the sum of field 1, field 2, and field 3)

This is what i have thus far =

if (event.value >= "150" )

total qty = 3.50;
else if(evnt.value < "150" )
total qty = field 1 +field 2 +field 3;
I'm also getting an error message saying - missing ; before statement 3: at line 4