Converting from 1.1A,SP3 to 2.0 I want to clean things up a bit,

and need to move objects from one product/product module to another.

Also, since I am re-loading the app into RTB from scratch for 2.0,

I don't need to worry about RTB product modules at the moment, since

I'll module load after restructuring.

I thought it would be a simple matter of going into the ROM, and changing

the objects from there, but the combo's for product and module are disabled

on update -- in 1.1 they weren't and I don't see why this capability is gone

in 2.0 - overzealous QC perhaps?

So, I've been opening and resaving the objects under a new product module

through the AppBuilder, but that doesn't work very well, and slow as


Can't we just enable the product and product module fields in the ROM like

in 1.1?

I mean it is a 'low-level' tool that should remain as powerful as possible -


Or is there some other better way to re-organize objects?

Tom Greenwood

President, DEGAMA Systems Inc.


416-493-0059 x107

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