Hi all,

we are currently in the process of switching from our self-written

session management to the dynamics session management.

In our own session-management methods we are using the

activate/deactivate appserver procedures and the

SESSION:SERVER-CONNECTION-CONTEXT property to keep track of properties

like current user, current login company, current language and so on


different stateless calls.

Now as we want to use the dynamics stuff for this task, we are using

setPropertyList to store those properties and getPropertyList to

retrieve them.

This works fine most of the time, however in 2 of our procedures

getPropertyList always returns an empty string, no matter which property

we want to

Retrieve. Those procedures are in no way different than the hundreds of

other procedures where everything works fine.

I suspect that this is a problem in the save/restore part of the session

management ?!?

Anybody who has faced similar problems or has an idea where the source

of the problem could be ?

The environment is:

Progress 9.1D SP2

Dynamics 1.1

VisualBasic client

Any help greatly appreciated

Mike Liewehr

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