I am planning the upgrade of an existing Roundtable/Dynamics 1.1 SP3

environment to Dynamics 2. One of new features of the roundtable integration

is the automated launch of the DCU during the import process (i.e. partner

load receipient workspace to the dynamics customization workspace).

The code for this is in rtb/prt/rtbpreevent.p in the icf/scm directory. This

program did not exist in Dynamics 1.1 so it is not part of the workspace im

am importing dynamics 2 to. I expect the rtb_evnt.p not to find the file. Or

am I wrong here? If so, is it o.k. to launch the DCU manually?

I did not test it yet, please help my avoiding an error.

SEARCH("rtb/prc/rtbpreevent.p") returns ? in the workspace I plan the import


How did someone that succeded in this upgrade set up the propath in the rtb

progress.ini file. How are the workspace sources set for the 090dyn-dep and

the workspace to import to set up?

Thanks for any help!


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