Recently we upgraded from Dynamics 1.1A SP3 to 2.0A. After this some

dynamic combos on static viewer that have dynamic lookup as parent field

behaves very strange: three very similar combos have the same parent

field used to filter them but only first one in tab order is filtered

properly, other two don't change at all. We tried with

refreshChildDependancies in displayFields and lookupComplete but without

any result. If we redesign the screen and move top combo (that was

initialized and filtered OK) to the bottom of the screen then new top

one is OK but other two are not. CTRL-ALT-Q returns query string for top

combo with proper parent field value but for other two combos parent

field value is 0 or old lookup key value, depending if we add new record

or change parent lookup value on existing record. If we just view

existing record without changing lookup (parent) filed value all three

combos are initialized and filtered OK. This was working OK in Dynamics

1.1A SP3.

Any idea or workaround?


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