There was a question on the Progress E-Mail List ( about how to generate UNIX
banner like messages with the ABL. This is a quick program that allows a programmer to do so within
the ABL.

These kind of large messages are useful on packages, packing slips, etc.

This was developed on version 10.2b although it should work on 10.1C and better (not tested.)

It should work on Linux/UNIX and Windows.

In order to compile and/or use the software, you will need a developer's license.

The code can be used in:

• character user interfaces
• graphical user interfaces
• WWW interfaces
• and with the proper code wrapping, web services.

The code was originated and documented by Scott Augé, a programmer who has worked with Progress
ABL since version 6.3E. (I am always looking for interesting projects! Yes, work!)

You can stay in touch with the author via:

Twitter: @ScAuge
Linked In: (Connections Welcome)