Hi Richard,

This is a bug that was fixed in the main branch. startDataObject in the Repository Manager will now start the client-side SDO if necessary.



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From: Richard Lausecker

Sent: Monday, March 03, 2003 12:26 PM

To: dev@icf.possenet.org

Subject: DynLookup Maintenance Object w/ AppServer

Win2K, Progress 9.1D05, Posse_30:

I am experiencing problems launching the maintenance object of a dynamic lookup with AppServer. It looks like the server part of the DL-Procedure of the DynSDO is started in the API startDataObject of the repository manager. The server part of the DL-Procedure cannot be started of course, because the database it is compiled against is not connected. All this works fine with Client/Server. I can't figure out why the repository manager starts the server side of the DynSDO, does anybody have any idea ?