I like to change some DataField attributes.. ShowPopUp default is 'yes'.. I

want 'no'... I have about 100 field to change... I like to do small program

to this purpose..

I problem is, how to find those records..

FIND gsc_object_type NO-LOCK WHERE object_type_code = 'datafield'.

FOR EACH gsc_entity_mnemonic NO-LOCK WHERE entity_dbname <> 'ICFDB',

EACH gsc_entity_display_field OF gsc_entity_mnemonic NO-LOCK,

EACH ryc_attribute_value NO-LOCK WHERE

ryc_attribute_value.object_type_obj =

gsc_object_type.object_type_obj AND

/* missing code .... */

attribute_label = 'ShowPopUp':

DISP attribute_label LOGICAL_value.


There is many obj field...


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