( Come from Peg@peg Forum ).

This is my scenario (comic.. maybe)

I have an old system running from the 1995 (v6 v7 v8 and V9 today).

DB in unix.

Client - WIN V8 and V9 (Full System)

Client - Unix V8 and V9... Only some screen of the system.

All the functions of Unix are available in WIN. And more.. they are the same programs.

Today I wrote a new screen that will work in both environments simultanemente, using ADM2.

When I tried to compile it in unix .. I surprised myself.

Why you can´t use ADM(2) in UNIX ?

Application Development Model (ADM) is a Progress Software-recommended approach to application development ...

Where says that ADM is alone for GUI ?

I read the HELP "ADM Basics" and don´t find the limitation.

Why only for GUI and not to CHUI ??

I know ... It is late to cry.. but doesn't to understand.

TIA .. JAO !

Viernes por la tarde .. mal momento para discuciones filosóficas

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