Hi all.

I am trying to write a generic mechanism allowing the user to store selected

values of DynCombo and DynLookup in current window. It is basically working

now, I have based it on ProcessAction, publishing two events when CTRL-F11

and CTRL-F12 are pressed (save and clear settings, accordingly). The trouble

is, that the events are published only when I have focus on any viewer in

the container. In a treeview window with filter viewer in it, when I have

focus on a treeview OCX, the keyboard events, to my regret, are not trapped,

which means user is not able to store his lookup and combo settings.

I have gone through the code - keyboard events at present (Dynamics 2.A0202)

are hard-coded in visual.i, and there are two only - CTRL-PGUP and CTRL-PGDN

handled. My question is: shouldn't there be a more generic mechanism in ADM

to trap the keyboard events in the container? Now it seems to be based on ON

keyName IN FRAME trigger, and all trapped keys need to be

hard-coded in visual.i . However, custom visual class do not completely do

the trick, as it is not always trapping keyboard (like in above mentioned


Or can anybody suggest a better and more reliable way to trap just any

keystroke anywhere in the container and publish a pre-defined named event

associated to that key (I am still a bit new to ADM2)?

Any comments welcome.

With best regards,

Andrzej Olszewski

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